My Favourite Website

Lots of people surf internet because of interest. Some may love to make a social network such as Facebook or Twitter. As for me, I like surfing because a lot of info I can collect. List below is my favourite’s website that I always view.

Computer / IT Related

Low Yat, Hardware Zone, Tom’s Hardware

Cars / Autos

Zerotohundred, Paultan

Motorcycles / Bikes

Malaysian Bikers


Mama, Abah, eby, ezal and some of friend’s blog Saiful Azrul, Taufik, Azlina, politician’s blog chedet,

Social Network

Facebook, Friendster, Twitter


Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail

Online News Paper

Harian Metro, Utusan, Berita Harian, Malaysiakini, Harakah,


PhotoMalaysia, dpreview

Islamic Info

Ustaz Zaharuddin

IT Related and Blogs are most visited website I mention above. The rest I didn’t mention in the list maybe I just google it.


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